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Welcome to the World of Climbing!

Welcome to the website dedicated to women's bouldering competitions and other amazing climbing information! Do you have questions about climbing? Want to stay up to date on current competitions? You're in the right place!


What is climbing? What are the different types?


Arguably the most simple form of climbing, boulderers work to scale shorter (often around 20 feet) routes called problems. To boulder, you only need shoes, chalk, and a crash pad. Different sized brushes are also helpful for cleaning holds. Bouldering compeititions are probably the most popular, ranging from youth locals to world cups.

Top Rope

This is the most simple form of rope climbing, in which the rope attaches to your harness, goes up through a fixed point at the top, and down to your belayer. It is very safe and with a good belay you take very small falls. You do need slightly more equipment for this, depending if you are climbing outside or inside.

Top Rope diagram

This diagram shows the difference between top rope climbing and sport climbing (also known as lead climbing).


Another type of rope climbing that is harder and more dangerous. quick draw When you lead climb, you are attached to your belayer from your harness without going through a fixed point at the top. If you fall, you fall twice the amount to the last point of protection that you placed, plus rope strech. Protection is the place where you clip your rope into the wall (called quick draws). Sport climbing compeitions are also very popular and happen almost as frequently as bouldering. They are judged in a slightly different way than bouldering.

Trad, Multi Pitch, and Big Wall Climbing

These are all harder and less common types of climbing. They invlove placeing your own protection using cams and other special gear. Multi pitch climbing is usign this gear to scale multiple faces in a row without any rest.